Journal Articles

“Do WTO Members employ less child labor?”(2013) Indian Growth and Development Review. Vol. 6 (1), pp.148 – 159
(with Professor Eugene Beaulieu, University of Calgary). Link

“Make Time for Physical Activity or You May Spend More Time Sick!” (2014) Social Indicators Research. Vol. 119 (3), pp 1379-1391 (with Grace Lordan, LSE). Link

“Do all activities ‘weigh’ equally? How different physical activities differ as predictors of weight” (2015)Risk Analysis. Vol. 35(11): 2069-2086 (with Grace Lordan, LSE). Link

“Microcredit Program Participation and Household Food Security in Rural Bangladesh” forthcoming in Journal of Agricultural Economics.(Asadul Islam, Chandana Maitra, Debayan Pakrashi and Russell Smyth). Link

Submitted Papers

Happiness Assimilation amongst Migrants: Evidence from Australia (with Paul Frijters, UQ)
Migration and Discrimination: A Decomposition Approach (with Paul Frijters, UQ)
The Microfinance Puzzle: Intra-household Distribution and Seasonality in Labour Supply (with Asadul Islam, Monash University)
Mind the Age Gap: The Effect of Age Gaps on Mental Health (with Grace Lordan, London School of Economics)
The Political Economy of Migration in China (with Paul Frijters, UQ)
The Effect of Participation in International Organizations on Child Labour, Schooling and Health Outcomes

Work in Progress

Draft versions of these papers are available upon request.

Takeoffs, Landing and Economic Growth (with Paul Frijters, UQ)
In sickness and in health: Examining the impact of spousal correlations in health on subjective wellbeing (with Grace Lordan, LSE)
Does Microfinance reduce Fertility? Evidence from rural Bangladesh (with Asadul Islam, Monash Uni)
The Impact of Microcredit on the comparative advantage of the Apparel Sector in South Asia (with Eugene Beaulieu, U of C)